Aptaclub DE immunesystem baby outside
Aptaclub DE immunesystem baby outside

Strong Immune System – Less Chances For Allergies

Good news: Allergies can be prevented. If allergies occur in your family, the likelihood that your child will eventually develop an allergy increases – However, you can effectively prevent this by supporting the immune system from the start.

An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system to harmless substances such as flower pollen. It does not respond properly to the foreign body, but falsely repels it like a pathogen.

The risk of the onset of allergies is therefore inseparable from the immune system:

When it develops healthily, it can differentiate between "dangerous" and "harmless" and respond properly. It activates the defence against harmful pathogens, identifies and tolerates the actually harmless “allergy triggers”.


Aptaclub DE allergy immunsystem

How can you prevent allergies?

The nutrition has a special meaning for the structure of the immune defence. Breastfeeding is the best support, since breast milk is naturally low in allergens and rich in antibodies. 

If your baby is at an increased risk of allergy and you cannot completely breastfeed, HA-infant formula is the right choice. This is low-allergen and can prevent the onset of an allergy.

The immune system also practices and learns through challenges such as cold, some dirt and early contact with other children. Parents may and should therefore always confront their children with various environmental influences and let them discover the world.

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