Qualität und Sicherheit stehen an erster Stelle!


Quality and Safety is our No.1 Priority!

Qualität und Sicherheit stehen an erster Stelle!

Statement on the current ÖKO-TEST: Aptamil is safe and contains no mineral oil residues!

Dear parents,

Please rest assured, all our baby formula products, including the specific Aptamil products mentioned in the ÖKO-TEST report, are safe. Mineral oil residues are not present in our baby formulas and this has been re-confirmed by independent analytical tests.

We understand that the health and safety of your little ones is your number one priority – because it’s our number one priority too. We take any allegation regarding the safety of our products extremely seriously. That’s why we asked the independent laboratory, Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS), to re-test the products featured in the ÖKO-TEST report. These tests re-confirmed there are no mineral oil residues in our baby formulas.

We strongly contest ÖKO-TEST’s results and are disappointed its report has unnecessarily unsettled parents. However, working collaboratively and transparently is important to us. We have invited ÖKO-TEST to share more detail on their methodology and testing results so we can better understand their findings.

You can be confident in the quality and safety of all our baby formula products because:

  • We never use mineral oil in any of our recipes
  • For several years now we’ve had strict quality monitoring programs in place that go beyond what’s required by current legislation to prevent mineral oil residues entering our products at any stage of our manufacturing process
  • We demand the same strict quality and safety control processes from all our suppliers who must prove that they meet our requirements in order to be approved as one of our suppliers
  • All our baby formula products undergo over 600 quality and safety checks before being released for sale
  • Furthermore, we’ve had more than 400 different baby formula products independently tested over the last two years for the presence of mineral oil residues. All testing has confirmed that mineral oil residues are not present in our baby formulas

Our team is on hand to answer any questions or concerns that parents may have.

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