Mother holds baby in air
Mother holds baby in air

Your Baby's Future Health is in Your Hands

Did you know that you can influence your baby's future health? The latest findings from ENP research (ENP = Early Life Nutritional Programming) on early childhood nutrition show that nutrition has a major impact on long-term health. This knowledge gives you the chance to have a positive impact on your baby's future health from the start.

The well-being of their baby is particularly important to every mother. Current scientific findings indicate that only a small part of a baby's future health will be shaped by its genes. The far larger part is determined by external factors at a young age, which you can influence positively from the start. Here, nutrition plays an important role, because it substantially shapes the central building blocks of the metabolism, brain and immune system.

What it means for you as a mother: you have a valuable opportunity today to actively do something through nutrition for your baby's future health.

What is ENP?

Early Life Nutritional Programming: Nutricia’s research into early life nutrition studies the influence that a mother and child’s diet has on the baby’s future heath.

Inspired through our NUTRICIA Research

For many years our Nutricia Research have been studying, among others, the influence of early life nutrition on future development (ENP = Early Life Nutritional Programming). We combine these findings with more than 40 years of research on breast milk to give your baby the best start in life.

The best Aptamil ever: Profutura follow-on milk

The unique composition of the new Aptamil Profutura follow-on milk supports you, also after breastfeeding, in creating a foundation for your baby's healthy future.

Profutura follow-on milk

  • supports brain and nerve cell development with ALA * (Omega-3)
  • contributes to a healthy immune system through vitamins C and D *
  • With the unique combination of nutrients, Aptamil Profutura follow-on milk creates the foundation for a healthy future of your child

* required by follow-on milk registration 

The first 1,000 days are a great opportunity

The first 1,000 days are a unique period of time, i.e. from pregnancy to early childhood. Because important organ systems, such as metabolism, brain and immune system,  is growing fastest. Take advantage of this opportunity and take the healthy future of your child into your hand.

As a mother, you have chosen the best for your baby and therefore decided to breastfeed. But also after breastfeeding, you want to give him everything he needs. With Aptamil Profutura, our innovation for your baby, and with varieties of information and services, we support you with the right nutrition to create the foundation for the healthy future of your child.

Scientific evidence suggests that your baby's healthy future is largely in your hands. Aptamil Profutura helps ensure that your child reliably receives the important nutrients he needs for his natural growth aslo after breastfeeding or in addition to breastfeeding.

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